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Flotation Therapy | Everything you need to know

What Is Floating?

Also known as a restricted environmental stimulation technique (REST), flotation therapy is a technique that helps you find that ultimate calm by removing all external stimulation so you’re able to truly relax. Flotation Therapy may have elements of mysticism and spirituality, but it is also a scientifically supported treatment for a variety of physical and mental health issues. 

A girl enjoying flotation therapy


A girl enjoying flotation therapy

What does flotation therapy do?

From the reduction of stress and anxiety to muscle relaxation and aiding in sleep, float therapy has received increasing attention from researchers and patrons alike. Of course, there is dramatically more Epsom salt in a professional float studio than you’d put in your own bathtub: hundreds of pounds more in fact, which creates a unique antigravity environment that makes it possible to float effortlessly. 

Floating in Epsom salt water (magnesium sulphate) has the additional benefit of providing magnesium, which the National Institute of Health has shown most Americans are lacking. Magnesium is critical for joint repair and bone health, and receiving adequate levels may be especially important for those with arthritis or other joint and bone issues. Vitamin supplements often contain magnesium oxide or other forms of magnesium that are indigestible, but magnesium is readily absorbable through the skin, which is one reason that many fields of study such as athletics, arthritis, medical professionals, etc. recommend Epsom salt soaks.

At Fluid Float, the float cabins are easily accessible with plenty of grab bars and handrails, all cabins are big enough to stand in and designed to allow for a highly customizable experience. If you’re afraid of the dark, use the colour therapy light. If you’re anxious about floating in silence, we can stream our special meditation playlist for you or you can plug in your own phone. The water temperature is precisely maintained around skin temperature—warm, not hot like a hot tub which restricts the time you're allowed to be in the water.

Anecdotally, those suffering from pain, soreness or stress find relief with a regular float routine instead of over the counter drugs. If you’re searching for a non-invasive, drug-free treatment then floating may be the perfect solution.

A quick list of benefits:

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Muscle relaxation

Aid in sleep

Floating in Epsom salt water provide Magnesium

Fatigue Reduction

Increase Immune Function

Mental Synchronization

To understand the benefits of Flotation therapy in-depth, please visit The Journal of Medical Psychology or This Publication or Department of Psychology, Karlstad University, Sweden.

Can you do float therapy at home?

Yes, you can do flotation therapy at home in your bathtub but it’ll not give you fuller experience and here are the reasons,

  • Your bathtub can’t maintain water temperature precisely at skin temperature (93.5 degrees).
  • You can’t fully stretch your body in a bathtub like you can do in a specialized float cabin.
  • Your washroom can’t be fully soundproof

So Yes you can enjoy the benefits of Epsom salt at home by dipping your body in Epsom Saltwater, but you won’t be able to float. But here is the deal, you can transform your washroom into a multipurpose float cabin, and we can help you in this.

Have you ever thought about building a float cabin in your home? Now with the Hybrid model, it makes investing in your well being much more feasible and rewarding. There are a variety of options, from the simple and economical to luxurious and unique. Consider yours and your families future with this unique personal development and wellness vehicle from Fluid Float cabins.

How often should you do flotation therapy?

It all depends on your reason behind choosing float therapy (For example, someone who is getting ready for a major competition or recovering from a serious injury, floating every day can prove to be extremely effective). Once a week or 4 times a month is a good option to optimize your brain and maintain physical and mental health. 

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Why A Float Cabin is better than Pod or Tank

Although both designs provide an almost similar experience the Cabin designs are well suited to anyone who is claustrophobic or simply anxious about the prospect of floating in a small, dark space. The cabins are usually quite large and spacious compared to the more typical tanks or pods.


No one can deny the fact that flotation therapy is one of the most amazing experiences that a person can have. Researches around the world have proven that besides offering an outstanding experience flotating is great for both psychological and physical health. If you are more concerned about personal development and your family's health, a float cabin kit for your home for that awesome flotation experience.

Misconceptions About Flotation Therapy

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