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How much space do I need for a float cabin?

We recommend a minimum 10’x 5’ area to be able to fit a standard 4x8 cabin and filtration equipment. If you're going to have a shower, and a changing area we recommend a minimum 10 x 8 room. 

Can I install the cabin myself or do I require a contractor handle the installation?

We build and install our float cabins in-house, take it apart, pack it, ship it ready to be reassembled and plugged in. Various phases such as electrical wiring not already in place, ventilation, or any other cosmetic or structural requirements outside the scope of the float cabin such as building out a room would require contractors if you don't have the knowhow. We can work with owners who have their own trades to implement any construction or design ideas or requirements as they come about.

Are your cabins handicapped accessible?

Our cabins are custom built. Therefore, all efforts can be made to design a float cabin to meet your requirements.

What type of power do your rooms require?

Our cabins can run on either 110V or 240V power and require space in an electrical panel for one or two 30amp dedicated GFCI breakers per Cabin.

Does your cabin base fit through a standard door?

Yes, although being able to maneuver around corners should be taken in consideration. Ideally, placing the cabin base before the walls are erected (if its an option) would be best. Worst case, a section of existing walls would have to be cut out to slide base into the room. Otherwise, call us to discuss your space.

What type of plumbing requirements do your products call for?

Our Float Cabins are a completely isolated aquatic feature. Meaning they do not have to be drained or have a main drain or any outside plumbing fixtures attached to the system. You will need to fill the tank with water from a nearby source . The solution can be drained into a shower drain with the aid of a submersible pump if you need to move your float cabin at any point. For the most part, the solution stays in your float cabin cycling through the system periodical (on timers) in the cabin or holding tank if it is being used as a sauna with the Hybrid unit.

How long will it take for my Float Kit to be delivered?

After the layout design and ordering process is complete it takes between 8 to 12 weeks for us to manufacture your room and get it shipped out to you

How long does it take to install?

Installation of a single cabin can take as little as a few hours if you are placing it in a finished room . It will take up to 2 days though to heat the water and slowly dissolve the 10000 lbs of epsom salt required to achieve bouncy. 

Do your rooms come in different sizes?

We offer a variety of sizes of float cabins based on the size of the holding tank.

What sanitation system do you offer?

We provide an NSF 50 compliant filtration and sanitation system with Ionization system with the option to add UV filtration. In addition to other options that are designed to meet your local requirements such as chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide if you are using it for commercial purposes.

Do your rooms have speakers?

All of our cabins come standard with high quality transducer speakers to allow for the incorporation of music or speech during float sessions

How do you keep the Float solution clean?

Although the high concentration of Salt is a natural sanitizer, we run our solution through a filtration system entirely after use. We also use additional forms of sanitation to keep our solution looking tropical and pristine with the use of  ionized Silver, Copper and Zinc system.   Read more  . Testing your solution regularly to maintain proper levels of ph, alkalinity and sanitiser as you would a pool or hot tub is your responsibility. 

Will I feel claustrophobic inside?

No. Our smallest Cabin is 4x8 and almost 7 feet high if you incorporate our enclosure. They are very spacious inside with light and music IF NEEDED and will have good airflow..

Is the water hot/cold?

No, the recommended temperature to set the water heater at for floating purposes is 93-94° F which is the ideal temperature for floating. Insulation, infrared and radiant heat help keep the water and your body regulated during your floats.

How durable is the material?

The Tank portion of the Fluid Float Kit is extremely durable. It's made with fiberglass and from the outside is rock-solid. You would need a drill to puncture it. 

What if I can't swim?

No problem. You just step in, sit down, and lay back in only 10-12 inches of water. You can touch the bottom with your hands. You just let the warm salty water do the work of floating you around.

What about being in the dark?

That's up to you. There is a light switch in the float cabin that allows you to control the lights at all times. You can leave them on all through your float session. You can have music playing all through too if you like, and you can choose the music in advance. Floating is the best and fastest way to relax and many people find that silence and the dark help relax even more. But it's up to you, either way, floating is wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable.

What is Epsom Salt and why is it used?

Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulphate. It is found naturally in many spa waters. It is very different from sea salt or table salt which is mainly Sodium Chloride. Epsom Salt has been used for centuries to treat skin complaints and is used as an anti-inflammatory. It is non-toxic, it won't harm you if you swallow some, but try not to.

How much Epsom Salt is needed for initial setup?

800-1000 lbs. We also recommend buying an additional 50-100lbs to replenish the solution for around a year.

How do you know when you have enough salt in the water?

The best way is to use a Hydrometer which is included with the purchase of your Fluid Float Kit. Salt is added until specific gravity is between 1.23 and 1.3.

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Yes.  Floating relieves all of the weight of your baby off of your body. Please consult with your physician before coming in.

Do I float naked?

Yes, but if you must, avoid an expensive bathing suit as the salt will discolour the material. A thin, tight-fitting fabric would be best to avoid feeling the weight against your body.

Where are you located?

We are in Downtown Winnipeg at the Fort Garry Place mall. 

What is Infrared therapy?

Far Infrared Heat is a leading therapy for a multitude of health issues and is commonly used in Infrared Saunas. Current research compliments the benefits of Far-Infrared therapy with Float therapy. Such as heart health, improvement of arthritis, pain reduction, sleep issues, cellular reproduction and more. Click here for more info.

Mineral Spa?

We have an ionization system connected to our filtration units that release the minerals Silver, Copper & Zinc into the water. These minerals are natural sanitizers too. Mineral spas have been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years. Hot water infused with magnesium and minerals is relaxing, rejuvenating and great for your skin along with many other natural benefits. Check out our website for more information.

Is there a warranty on the Fluid Float Kits?

We have a 5-year warranty on all manufacturer defects that don't include the Spa pack. These mechanical parts are different, as there is a natural wear and tear like any machine and we can't say it will last forever due to the high salinity of the environment and proper care by the user. We can say, however, that we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year. It's our promise to our customers that anything they buy from us has been tested or used by us at our own float locations.