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17052019 Kori Gordon, owner of Natural Elements Wellness Centre in Brandon, stands in the entrance to one of her float therapy rooms at the business on Victoria Ave. on Thursday. (Tim Smith/The Brandon Sun)

Fluid Float Studio opened in 2016 offering the same sensory deprivation experience of a tank or pod but in larger custom-built cabins with added features and health benefits. With that focus on customization, Nick the owner of Fluid Float , always intended to use his Float cabins as prototypes for a potentially bigger goal. To bring the long-term health benefits of a sensory deprivation cabin into your home or business to replace or piggy back on other wellness based systems like pools, hot tubs , saunas , etc. Although, there’s no other tool like a Float machine that can take you away from your thoughts and bring you closer to others. All while regenerating many of the bodies organs and circulatory system.

Along with Fluid Float, Nick runs a contracting and project management business called Impact Projects. With his experience in construction management and the Float industry, Impact was hired to oversee the build-out of the Natural Elements float rooms making dealing with city planners new to the industry painless as possible with proper engineering, structural and finishing requirements along with the plumbing and electrical needs required to house the Float Cabins.

“Working with Nick at Fluid Float made things so much easier as he has been through it all himself and knew exactly what needed to be done to produce a quality float cabin….not having to explain all the little nuances to a contractor that has never heard or seen a float cabin before. The icing on the cake was that Nick also was very familiar with what needed to be done to ensure that all the requirements of Manitoba Health were met… ” – Kori Gordon

Besides building Kori her two float cabins, Nick also consulted with Kori operating a float centre, location requirements, as well as legal and health department rules and regulations that would need to be followed. As with Fluid Float’s original cabin design, the size of the cabins at Natural Wellness are well suited to anyone who is uneasy with enclosed spaces or with mobility issues. The cabins are quite large compared to the more typical tanks or pods—you can stand up in them and close a regular door instead of a lid or hatch. Besides the advantage of size, the cabins offer a number of other unique options allowing you to customize your float experience, such as an infrared therapy option while you float, a color therapy lights below the water line, adjustable lighting outside the cabin from a remote within the cabin, and optional music streaming.

Are you looking to expand your health goals and build your own personal float cabin? Or adding one to your health related business or star new or existing business? Fluid Float offers a variety of options, from the simple and economical to luxurious and unique. Built to your personal style, size and theme. Nick will personally consult design your cabin to your available space and participating in the construction project from beginning to end.

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