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Mineral Soak

Mineralizing Your Water With The Ionizer 


Since ancient times, Greeks and Romans have enjoyed hot mineral springs that have naturally occurring minerals to relax and treat countless ailments like joint pain, arthritis, depression, and rheumatism. Spas and resorts across the world offer people this pre-scientific therapy, but mineral springs aren’t popping up out the ground in bitterly cold Manitoba. So, the revolutionary thinking brought to you by Fluid Float has begun to pair the benefits of mineral spas with the already amazing benefits of the magnesium-infused float therapy solution in they're float cabins.

Mineral Spring

Hot mineral springs are naturally occurring and are promoted as traditional or pre-scientific medicine. It’s like a multivitamin for the body.  Fluid Float has added three minerals to our cabins and soaking tubs with the use of an ionization system connected to our filtration system. The ionization system releases microscopic mineral ions Silver, Copper and Zinc into the float solution.  The hope is that the body gets a whole new kind of rejuvenation when combined with the healing properties of the magnesium-rich solution in our float cabins. These minerals have health benefits on their own, which include the following:



Silver repairs tissue damage reduces inflammation and clears out bad bacteria.



Copper reduces premature aging, boosts immunity, and keeps the skin tight and flexible.


Zinc helps clear acne, improve your memory, and heal cuts and wounds


Why combine them?

Bundle these up with the magnesium-rich float solution, and you come out feeling fresh, light, and like a brand-new person. Oh ...and the skin!   Imagine a place where you can go in stressed out, aching, and exhausted and come out refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the world. That has always been the goal of Fluid Float.  Now, to pair it with the benefits of a mineral solution and our infrared option, we hope to provide those effects plus countless more to every floater that comes through our doors. Fluid Float is excited to be fronting this movement to bring a mineral spring into your float environment.


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