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Enhance Sleep With Floating

Enhance Sleep with Floating

Sleep continues to be something we rarely get enough of. During a restful night sleep your body does a lot of behind the scenes maintenance work. Repairing, replenishing, and rebuilding the body as well as strengthening neural connections and if you’re not getting the recommended hours of sleep a night, then your body and mind suffer.

"30% to 40% of all adults do not get adequate sleep or have some form of insomnia."

As we drag ourselves out of bed each day loading up on coffee and other stimulants. You must consider that there’s a better way.  You can try napping midday to catch up or try to get more sleep, which may end up being restless anyway after fighting with the blankets and pillows and being too hot then too cold OR you can try floating! Where blankets don’t get stolen, mattresses aren’t too hard or soft, and the temperature is always just right.  Studies show that ONE hour of floating is equal to FOUR hours of sleep. 

"Studies show that ONE hour of floating is equal to FOUR hours of sleep."

In no way is it suggested that you cut sleep right out but as a way to maximize or enhancing the sleep you already get. Floating allows your brain to go into a near-sleep state (or for some clients a full snore fest!)  and the body is freed of external forces of gravity that it is under even when you do sleep. With no pressure on the limbs, muscles, and joints. Your body falls into a deeper and more consistent state of rest. If you fall asleep while floating and it happens very often at Fluid Float, it’s no big deal, with the high density of Epsom salt in our solution there is no way for you to roll over or wake disoriented with the fear of hitting your head on a lid as you sit up. Thanks to the large nature of our float cabins. So you can sleep the entire hour or two away and get out feeling amazing and at ease. This how floating enhances sleep.

Now our all of our custom float cabins carry the infrared option which customer love because it regulates the temperature above the water line for an extremely comfortable experience along with its many other benefits. Also, all float cabins are infused with the minerals Silver, Copper and Zinc to go with the already high concentration of magnesium for a truly mineral bath while you sleep.

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