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Can You Do Float Therapy At Home?

Your Own Float Cabin

Fluid Float’s original cabin designs are well suited to anyone who is claustrophobic or simply anxious about the prospect of floating in a small, dark space. The cabins are quite large compared to the more typical tanks or pods—you can stand up in them! Besides the advantage of size, the cabins offer a number of other unique options allowing you to customize the size, look, and feel of according to your taste. With the Fluid Float Hybrid options, you can create your very own multi-use wellness machine!

Hybrid options include the ability to convert your float cabin into an infrared Sauna by draining the saline solution into a holding tank outside the cabin where it can continue to run through the sanitation process while not in use. Another option is to use your cabin as a hot tub using the same system .  All can be used with all the existing features of the standard float cabin, such as color therapy lights, ability to stream music and wireless system controls that can be used with an app on your phone or tablet. Have you ever thought about building a float cabin in your home? Now with the Hybrid model, it makes investing in your well being much more feasible and rewarding. Fluid Float Cabin Kits are created to self-assemble with only minimal carpentry and buildout involved depending on the sophistication of your design. There are a variety of options, from the simple and economical to luxurious and unique. Personal consultations with you about your specific location, area, and design is included with a Kit. With the new reality of Covid-19 and travel bans, Fluid Float can manage your project remotely with the technology of the internet like Zoom or other live streaming applications. Consider yours and your families future with this unique personal development and wellness vehicle from Fluid Float Cabins.

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