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Floating and Yoga | Flow Into Your Final Move

Yoga is a widely practised physical exercise that uses many disciplines to stretch, tone and strengthen the body but this ancient philosophy is also known for its deep spiritual guidance in calming the mind and relieving stress with breathing and mindfulness techniques to induce a meditative state. While floating in the warm salty water by yourself in a sensory reduced state is a great way to maximize any physical and mental activity. Practiced in tandem, Floating and Yoga can leave you feeling euphoric, repaired and recharged.

How Floating and Yoga Benefit Each Other

Yoga and Floating. A perfect pair.

Floatation and Yoga have many benefits that intertwined with each other. Both can relax and ease muscle tension. Yoga by stretching and holding movements and Floating by preparing the body for these movements but also by relieving tension thereafter. Because of the high concentration of Magnesium in the float solution (Epsom Salt) floating before a yoga session is a great way to relax the muscles and joints helping you prevent injury and get the most out of your yoga stretches. Floating a day or two after any strenuous activity such as Yoga is also a great way to lower inflammation and soreness but also helps to relax muscles between sessions, making you more flexible and advancing your practice. Although you may have heard of adding a cup Epsom Salt to a bath a typical Float Cabin has 800 to 1000 lbs of it!

When performing Yoga the body releases toxins from muscles with the increased blood flow to the soft tissues. Floating also helps circulates the blood to the joints, and muscle tissues more efficiently due to the lack of gravitational forces placed on the body. Forces that are even present when you think you’re in a state of rest like sitting, lounging on your couch and even when your sleeping on your mattress. The buoyancy in the ‘float’ solution creates a state of weightlessness that removes these forces during your session, even elongating the spine. The closest experience would be an astronaut in space at zero gravity!

How Flotation Can Boost Your Yoga Practice

Meditation is a common component of Yoga. For some people, quieting down the brain in a room of 20-40 other people is challenging at times. Floating is a great way to enhance the experience in the privacy of your very own Float Cabins with minimal distraction.

Flow into your final move with a float at Fluid Float Studio and build on the physical and mental benefits of Yoga.

The float rooms at Fluid Float Studio are not equipped with ‘Pods’ or ‘Tanks’ – they’re ‘Cabins’ 8-feet long by almost 5-feet wide and 7-feet high ensuring that nobody gets claustrophobic during their float.

Mineral Spa & Infrared

Not only is there a high concentration of Magnesium in our float cabins but we also have mineralized the float solution with the infusion of with Silver, Copper and Zinc ions. All these minerals work together to break down lactic acid, relax the muscles, and reduce inflammation or tension in the joints. In addition, the use of an optional Infrared Heat commonly used in Infrared Saunas compliments both practices in maintaining heart health, pain reduction, sleep, cellular reproduction and more.

Build on the physical and mental benefits of Yoga. Flow into your final move with a float at Fluid Float Studio.

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