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The Float Cabins

The float rooms at Fluid Float Studio are not equipped with “pods” or “tanks”—they’re cabins. A standard cabin is almost five feet wide, eight feet long, and almost seven feet high although they can be built to any specification that is required. The cabins were built large enough to ensure that clients would not get claustrophobic during their session and would be easy to access for patrons with limited mobility.

Our prototype Float Cabins have passed the test of durability, reliability and functionality throughout the process. Satisfying clients and appeasing our local health departments who have adopted some of our systems as part of their regulatory requirements for the local float services scene such as our automation and sanitation features.

You’ll notice when initially entering the Fluid Float Studio that there is definitely a ‘surf’ shop atmosphere going on. That’s where most feel at home, by water on a sandy beach somewhere. The smell of the ocean is intoxicating.

At Fluid Float Studio our three float cabins have become like family. Each one grew out of the creative process that was fueled by late night floats during construction in an unfinished float studio. Each cabin came out looking little differently, not by design but by imagination. They all have their unique look… and personalities! But together, they have one thing in common…they all contain water, Epsom salt and a system of sanitization and controls that allow people to float! All in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment. Here’s the lineup!

Float Room 1 or The ”Joe Rogan ‘ Cabin

Room 1 – Now the “JR” Cabin

Joe Rogan is one of the most recognizable people on the planet in many fields but in our mind, he is a pioneer in personal development specifically with floating. What a great opportunity to honor Joe Rogan who has done more than any other person to popularize the use of floatation therapy. Many people walk into Fluid Float Studio because they heard Joe Rogan talk about it on a radio station, tv or his podcast. He seems to have his hands in everything at times. A stand-up comedian by trade he has also had many stints as a working actor in shows like Fear Factor and News Radio, he is known foremost for his work as a UFC commentator traveling all over the world, seemingly growing in popularity with the UFC but most recently he has gained a universal following with his podcast. This side gig which he started with his friends to talk about other dimensions, the universe and psychedelics was fittingly called “The Joe Rogan Experience” and has evolved from silly rants with fellow comics to one of the most influential podcasts in the world. He has touched millions of people by acting as a guide of sorts through many topics, interests, nd guests. Rogan is an accomplished martial artist as well and could probably physically intimidate you to submit to his views but instead has used his mind to fight through topics and situations. His honest personality, or just being himself, attracts many to his podcast along with his dedication to physical health and expanding the mind. He credits the use of float therapy for helping him deal with internal battles or healing his body from his gruelling training regime and for sparking his creative process. He even built one in his home and office! Joe Rogan deserves to have a Float cabin named after him and so it shall!

The “Joe Rogan or JR” Cabin

Float Room 2 or The ‘Stargate’ Cabin

This float cabin is located in a narrow but long room. When you enter the room you are basically standing in a white 5 x5 space, not including the shower. As we move the shower curtain aside, a black glass door appears. Very dreamy, 2001 Space Odyssey going on. Should have named it Hal! So much so that clients are taken aback when we open the door to reveal the inner Float Cabin. Like opening the door to another dimension you’ll see that there are ‘other’ ways to travel after experiencing a float.

Float Room 3 or The ‘Reef’ Cabin

This float cabin is a carbon copy of the “JR ” cabin but with soft pearly oceanic undertones. The warm salty water guarantees that the only thing missing to complete your private Prarie beachfront property is white sand and margaritas.

We have had so much great feedback in making people feel good, energized and motivated that we now offer the opportunity to bring the float to you. To share the many benefits of floating not only by offering our services but by offering to design, install and help you maintain your very own Float Cabin(s). Be it for personal use, organizational or for aspiring float studio owners. The ability to adapt our ‘Float Cabins’ as the ‘Vehicle’ of choice to facilitate the floating experience, is due to the fact that we customize and form a Float Cabin ‘as part’ of your space in your very own style.

If you would like more information about Fluid Float building a float cabin for your home, facility or business call us at 204-297-6521 or email us at .

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