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Rewards Program



Our system is similar to a frequent flyer miles program with credit cards.*

This feature is set up to reward clients who:

Refer Clients

Buy Products & Float Sessions


You must opt-in to receive our email updates and newsletter to be part of the program.

Once you reach the minimum amount of points needed, you can use the points as a payment method on your future Float sessions.

Value of One Point:

Purchases (per $1.00 spent) = 1 Point Earned

Redeem Value of 1 Point = $0.10

How to Collect:

The points are collected when you make purchases and are accumulated automatically. The others require a little more input. We check who’s following, commenting and subscribing regularly but the best way to make sure you are getting credit is to let us know. Using our Links, Sending us an email or IM on whatever platform with the following info:reward

Referring a Client -Value of 250 Points = $20.00 New client lets us know you referred them.

Client Testimonials -Value of 100 Points = $10.00 Send us your experience by email ***

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel -Value of 50 Points = $5.00  Username or handle to identify you***

Like us on Facebook -Value of 50 Points = $5.00  Like our page.

Share our YouTube ChannelFacebook Page– Value of 50 Points = $5.00 Use ‘Share Links’ we provide or send us a screenshot of the share.

Share a Photo – Value of 50 Points = $5.00 Take a selfie before, during or after your float and share!*

Continue Floating, Sharing and Referring to keep banking the points!

How to Redeem:

Minimum Points To Redeem = 500 Points or $50.00

The points are stored on your account and are redeemable when checking out at the studio or as a form of payment when purchasing a Float session online.

* where permission is granted for use on marketing material
** Points only redeemable for Float Sessions, not redeemable for cash
*** One social profile per customer
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