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Float Business Opportunity

We build custom Float Cabins

We don’t sell float tanks, float pods or prefabricated float room/cabins. So what exactly do we offer?

We build float cabins designed to fit the needs of your space, your personality and style. Whether you want an economical low-cost cabin or higher end with elegant designed. We can design-build to suit your requirements and needs. Outside the standard mechanical requirements of a working float unit which is made up Water, Epsom Salt, Filter, Sanitation system and spa controls. Consider the remaining parts like the base and enclosure as part of your construction build-out. They can be constructed with many different materials and from many types of finishes, from tile to wood panelling. All intertwined with the rest of your space.

Thinking of opening a Float Studio of your own?

Floating is becoming increasingly established as a well-known treatment in the medical wellness industry. Numerous university scientific research papers have been conducted to establish its many positive benefits. Helping the float industry move into the mainstream consciousness of the wellness industry

Floating is becoming increasingly established as a well-known treatment in the medical wellness industry. Numerous university scientific research papers have been conducted to establish its many positive benefits. Helping the float industry move into the mainstream consciousness of the wellness industry.

If you’re thinking of opening your own float studio or are looking at adding float therapy to an existing business but can’t decide what float ‘Vehicle’ to invest in? Tank, Pod or Cabin? The float therapy rooms at Fluid Float Studio are not equipped with “pods” or “tanks” —they’re cabins. These are large custom cabins in their own private rooms. At a minimum, they would be almost five feet wide, eight feet long, and nearly seven feet high but we can build them at any size. The reason for the larger float cabin concept is that it ensures that nobody gets claustrophobic during his or her float session. and they can safely enter and exit even for people with limited mobility. We have found that this is the challenge to overcome for people who really want to get into a floating practice but never would because of the intimidating and restrictive aspect of entering a tank or pod.

Although larger, full sensory deprivation can be attained for those looking to expand their mind but for people mainly looking for physical benefits we have optional sound and light so that you can create your own custom mood, atmosphere and your purpose.

Fluid Float Front Entrance

We’ve also integrated our float cabins with optional Infrared therapy during your float and infused our Magnesium rich solution with ionized Silver and copper making it a truly meral bath.

We are looking to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be involved in this ever-expanding wellness industry. Specifically, the growing Float Therapy industry. If you are ready to invest your time and money to run your very own Fluid Float Studio. Read on…

There are so many questions you should ask yourself when making this important decision. The most important one to ask yourself is “what would I like to float in”?  Then ask 10 more people the same question and you will have your answer.

You’ll find that 90% of the time the answer would be a ‘Float Cabin’ due to size and accessibility. Most people have ever really associated floating with the original Float Tank or more space-age Float Pods. Both are compact units that can be awkward to get into especially if you have limited mobility or have issues with enclosed spaces. Pre-built Float rooms or Cabins are fairly new to the industry and have addressed these concerns as more people have an interest in floating but have shied away from practising due to these reasons.  These new Float rooms can get pretty expensive, most starting at $30,000 which drive people looking at staring float centres away from Cabins and into tanks or pods which cost over 50% less.

So when considering a Float business, think about the wide range of people you can draw from when you eliminate the initial fears and hesitation that even aspiring floaters come in with. Now you can open up the market to men and women that would never consider using a tank or pod due to the uneasiness of entering enclosed spaces. Be it for physical or mentals reasons.


Before inquiring please consider if you would be a good fit based on your interests, work experience, education, and financials. This will be a hands-on

business for at least two to three years but can be started around an existing business or job as it is mainly an appointment based business.

We are looking to bring our model of Float service and product to an expanded mark.

Some commonly asked questions regarding our float cabins:

What size room can the float(s) cabin be put into?

This is strictly up to you but the minimum size we feel would be a 10×8 room. Although we have put one in an 18 x5 room. This is where customization comes in handy.

How much Epsom salts do I need and who supplies me with this?

You will need roughly 800 Lbs to start with and adding an average of 200-300 Lbs a year. Additional bags can be purchased at discounted prices from Fluid Float.

Do you warranty the float Cabin? For how long?

All float cabins come with a  Warranty that includes a 1-year Parts and Labour on mechanical components and a two-year warranty on workmanship.  More importantly, you will have 1-Year customer support to help you maintain your float cabin efficiency.

Does the room where the Float Room is put in need to have a shower or water supply.

No, but it’s recommended to have an attached shower so you or your customers are not walking across the room or into a different area of your studio to shower off. This is also for safety and would save tremendously on cleanup.  This cannot be overstated.

How does the music work? 

The music can be customized to your needs. Streaming using Bluetooth or wirelessly from tablets and smartphones etc.

Are condensation and humidity a problem?

No, each cabin is vented from the bottom which brings in outside air and to the ceiling wich removes humid air. Also, the large cabin area helps disperse the humidity much easier than a small enclosure.

Let’s Connect

Give us a call at 204.297.6521 or message us to connect and see if we can match your passions with your future.

We’ve been running our main location in downtown Winnipeg for just over 2 years. Visit our site to see a walkthrough of our studio and specifically our float cabins. Also, check out our social media where you’ll find unique content based on the owner’s personality and not just a generic feed. We will encourage potential owners to do the same.
We can also arrange a tour of the studio at some point if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

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