Preparing For Your Float



  • Do not use the Float cabin if you have coloured your hair with water-based dye within the last 48 hours as it may cause your hair to lighten and colour to leach into the float cabin.
  • Avoid shaving or waxing 24 hrs before your session as the high concentration of salt will cause a stinging sensation.
  • Avoid Keratin treatments
  • Avoid Caffeine 2 hours before a session.
  • Avoid Eating a large meal right before your session
  • Do not float not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other illegal substances
  • It is inadvisable to float if you suffer from incontinence, serious heart disease, asthma, epilepsy or chronic kidney disease
  • Due to the required level of mobility to get into and out of the cabin, it may not be possible to float if you are disabled (call for further clarification)
  • For hygiene reasons, it is not recommended to float if you are menstruating
  • Do not float if you are pregnant and have not received permission from your health care practitioner
  • Remove your contact lenses before your float.
  • Do not float if you have extremely low blood pressure
  • Do not float if you have a severe skin condition (eczema) or a contagious disease or infectious skin condition and open/infected wounds
  • Do not float if you have had chemotherapy (you will need to wait 2 months)



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