Just Add Epsom Salt!


Epsom salts to be exact or the mumbo jumbo term,  magnesium and sulfate – This is the same cup of salt you might have seen grandma throwing in the bathtub from time to time to relieve muscle soreness. Athletes use it as well for this same reason. It relaxes the muscles and builds protein for your joints to give you relief.  Humans have been enjoying salt baths for thousands of years and still do today by traveling to places with high salt water content,  like the Dead Sea  . Just to soak in it. The only difference between that cup of salt grandma used and our Float Cabins at Fluid Float?  Around 1000 lbs! All that salt in roughly 300 gallons of warm water dissolved in our Cabins is what creates the buoyancy that causes your body to float. People are known to float around the Dead Sea, reading a book while doing so.


The Dead Sea is a tourist hot spot because of its rejuvenating and calming effect on the body and soul.

Imagine what  30 -40 % more salt than what’s in the Dead Sea does to your experience!


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