Beat Covid

We hope you are doing well and apologize again for this interruption due to Covid_19. We know this is a hard time for everyone both emotionally and financially. The last thing on your mind would be the future status of Fluid Float moving forward. Although, more than ever, places like ours will be needed in the wake of this pandemic. We want to be there when that happens and have beem brainstorming ways we can prepare for the uncertainty that lies ahead. We hope you have the means and patience to help us along the way.

Please consider supporting us with purchases of gift cards, packages or memberships while we all wait this out. In exchange for your help and loyalty. We will offer some incentives for every purchase made.


  1. We will Gift A Float to a First Responder in your name. 
  2. 30% of your purchases back onto a Gift Card.
  3. A $200 credit towards any Renovation Services with Impact Projects. Max. $600 per $300 spent.
  4. Free use of our Lounge during a future appointment.

The minimum purchase required is $100 to be eligible but can be accumulative from the start date to the expiry date of April 30, 2020 ( Maybe be extended). We hope to add more choices for you in the near future as we reach out to other businesses looking for creative ways to help each other during this crisis.

You can start with a purchase today. Thank You.


BONUS: Upon return, we will draw a name from all who purchased during this closure. The winner will receive a $5000 credit towards a new Float Cabin of your own! Probably never in your plans but may be worth something to someone else and would be transferable if sold.

Remember, any float sessions currently in your account or gift cards never expire.

We hope to see you soon once the risk posed by COVID-19 is over.  

Stay safe and healthy.

Nick P.

Fluid Float

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