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Enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy in the privacy of your very own Float Cabin!

What is a Floatation Therapy?

The float therapy rooms at Fluid Float Studio are not equipped with “pods” or “tanks” —they’re cabins. These are large custom cabins in their own private rooms. At almost five feet wide, eight feet long, and nearly seven feet high, they ensure that nobody gets claustrophobic during their session. They’re pretty big. You can walk around in there, stretch or strike a yoga pose if you like! What’s more, you don’t even have to be in the dark. Thanks to optional sound and light, you can create your own custom mood, from introspective silence to soothing ambience to peaceful rave by plugging in or streaming your own audio. Choose your atmosphere, choose your purpose.

Infrared and Minerals.

Now our all of our custom float cabins carry the infrared option which customer love because it regulates the temperature above the water line for an extremely comfortable experience along with its many other benefits. Also, all float cabins are infused with the minerals Silver, Copper and Zinc to go with the already high concentration of magnesium for a truly mineral bath!

    • The cabin is filled with nearly equal parts water and Magnesium Sulfate or Epsom Salt and is so dense that body becomes buoyant, like a cork, while floating in this solution. (The solution is 7 times as dense as the Red Sea).
    • The solution is heated to the same temperature as your skin – approximately 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit which gives the person the effect of Weightlessness. In combination with the ability to float, the body is relieved of physical stress that gravity causes on a daily basis.
    • The option to remove or adjust the effects of Sound and Light to fit your mood creates the ultimate state of relaxation and restfulness the body and mind require.
    • The effects of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety are reduced.
  • With no distractions, Creativity and Imagination are supercharged!
  • It’s believed that Magnesium is absorbed through the skin and acts as a detoxifying agent. Magnesium is an essential element to the body hard to obtain from diet alone. Magnesium has been shown to speed up the recovery of injuries by reducing swelling in muscles and joints, which causes pain.
  • Lacking sleep or a good night rest? The stress-relieving properties of floating coupled with the absorption of Magnesium has also been proven to help relieve Insomnia.

Many studies have been conducted to back up the effects Floatation Therapy has on the body.

We want to provide a completely new, relaxing and fun environment where you can get away from your busy life and completely recharge your body and mind.

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Wow, just completed my second 60 minute float and the results were better than my first experience! I went in feeling completely drained with all kinds of aches and pains but came out 60 minutes later feeling completely refreshed with narry an ache or pain! Thanks Fluid Float!

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